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Recent studies have shown that professional sports attendance is up across the country, and one of the sports helping to lead that charge is the National Basketball Association. Thanks to the recent record season by the Boston Celtics, which saw them bring home their record 17th championship, interest in basketball collectibles is currently at record levels. A signed basketball featuring the signature of your favorite player makes for a wonderful collectible and an even better gift if you know someone who loves round ball and loves to collect rare and valuable items. An autographed basketball collection may sound a bit pricy, but the truth is, they cost less than you think and you can even find ones that feature an entire team's signature instead of just one players. For the best selection and price on signature basketballs, shop Nikco Sports today.

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Autographed Basketballs are Affordable

One of the great things about collecting signed basketballs is the fact that you can purchases ones that are fairly affordable and ones that are very expensive. The less expensive ones usually feature players that are currently playing or even ones that are still in college and have the potential to be superstars down the road. The more expensive autographed basketballs feature the signatures of established superstars like Kevin Garnett or retired Hall of Famers like Michael Jordon or Doctor J. You can even find autographed basketballs from leagues that are no longer around, like the ABA or minor leagues like the NBA's development league. It would be pretty special to own a ball with a minor league player's signature on it only to have that player turn into a superstar. For the best prices and selection on autographed NBA basketballs and so much more, check Nikco Sports today.

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